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Ten Things On Using Webcomponents With Elm

I’ve found web components are a game changer when it comes to building user interfaces. I’ve written about them previously regarding the benefits of using them no matter what your framework happens to be but because they offer another way to do javascript interop I think it’s worth discussing some of the special benefits they bring when combined with Elm.

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Why Web Components Work For Me

After adopting web components to solve a specific technical hurdle I found them so useful that they quickly became my new favorite browser standard in recent years. Web components are the basic building block of my frontend design system for WingTask, and I’m really happy with the final results I’m getting in terms of the development process and the finished product. There’s multiple reasons why web components work well for me and since they don’t seem to be so popular I’d like to try to explain why I think they should be given wider consideration.

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Storybook and Elm

You can take the views of any Elm app and “mount” them in Storybook UI explorer then create different stories in Storybook that allow you to see the same view in a multitude of different viewport sizes and states. The benefit of this is that it makes it really easy to see how fixes and changes are affecting the visual UI of the view. Rather than having to launch dev tools, pick the right viewport setting, and then going through app functionality to get to the desired state, the combinations of viewport and state of a single view can be represented as a navigable menu where each can be inspected quickly by a click.

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