Tim Case is web developer with 24 years experience who works with small to medium size companies doing backend applications mainly with RubyonRails, frontend JS clients mainly with Elm and React, devops mainly with Chef and Virtual Machines, and recently front of the front end development with web components, tailwindcss, and storybook.

Tim believes building high quailty software is hard but fulfilling, is subject to constant change by new practices, and is not really necessary for commercial success, but still should act as a benchmark to strive for.

Tim reached a personal milestone by lauching WingTask a mobile first progressive web app that represents his idea of a pretty good app that does something useful. WingTask has a growing user base despite never having been publicly announced. The goal with WingTask is to demonstrate Tim as someone who can build high quality software.

Tim has worked with a variety of clients mostly in the realm of RubyonRails and worked on projects ranging from apps for Harvard University to startups acquired by big name companies.